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The majority of my patients don’t need a pill, they need a lifestyle prescription

I’ve worked as a doctor for 16 years and I'm taking a stand. The way we practise medicine is wrong….well, half wrong at least! It all started when I began to realise that I was genuinely only helping about 20% of my patients in my busy GP surgery.

Then, when my six month old son became ill from a preventable vitamin deficiency something snapped. I had to find a whole new way, not just of taking care of my family and my patients, but to get to the bottom of what MAKES us ill and KEEPS us healthy.

I want to share what I’ve learned, so that you can take back control of your own health

I was lucky to receive an incredible education at Edinburgh University Medical School. Even so, for the majority of problems I see daily in my GP surgery – headaches, joint pain, gut problems, depression, weight gain, stress, diabetes and skin problems – truth be told, my training was not really that useful.

The sad fact is, as doctors, we’re largely taught to ‘cure illnesses’ by suppressing symptoms and to practice a type of medicine that’s suitable for acute or emergency care. Our training is not as useful for the current epidemic of chronic lifestyle-related conditions that are now flooding our surgeries.

I focus on finding the root cause of diseases and help my patients make their illnesses disappear.

I spent years training with different kinds of experts and clinicians in the world of functional medicine, nutrition, sleep, immunology, exercise physiology and movement kinetics, as well as studying areas of new research that were foreign to conventional medicine.

This journey led to a eureka moment - we can only get to the root cause of disease by seeing the body as a connected system.

Progressive Medicine

Armed with new skills and knowledge, I completely restored my son’s health. Now I apply the same 360-degree progressive approach to my patients.

I routinely help my patients:

  • Reverse type 2 diabetes
  • Eliminate irritable bowel syndrome
  • Lower blood pressure without drugs
  • Reduce menopausal symptoms naturally
  • Sleep better and regain their energy
  • Regain control of their autoimmune conditions
  • Restore harmony to their circadian rhythms
  • Add life to their years, as well as years to their life

Progressive medicine is all about thinking about the body’s systems and how they can work better to reduce the risk of chronic disease and improve day-to-day wellbeing.

The starting point is my four pillars of health – sleep, rest, food and movement. And yes, I live this myself. I have felt the power and the benefits of making simple, logical changes in my lifestyle, too.

My mission is to help you feel fantastic by restoring you to optimal health, without unnecessary drugs.

I want to help change the way that we provide healthcare in the UK (and around the world!) and make it standard practice for all doctors to consider lifestyle interventions before anything else. But you don’t need to wait for modern medicine to change.

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I do hope you’ll join me as we move towards a healthier, happier future.

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee — MbChB, BSc (Hons), MRCP, MRCGP


“Dr Chatterjee has transformed how I function each day which has had positive benefits in all aspects of my lifestyle. Previously I would have described myself as a fairly typical mid to late thirties guy who thought he had a relatively healthy way of life. I thought I was doing ok and making healthy decisions but I now realise I was making a lot of poorly informed choices that were actually completely undermining what I was trying to do. ” LF
“For over 10 years I have been managing back pain with quick fix solutions. Since I started working with Rangan, he has helped me get to the root cause, kick the anti-inflammatories, as well as fixing my stomach in the process. My energy, alertness and performance throughout the day have dramatically improved and I am now back on track with a pain free life. Rangan’s blood tests are also an essential part of personal preservation and getting the most out of your body.” Warren Smith, Ski Coach